Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pax Romana 104: Scenario 5 - Turn 2 (AM 5-8)

The East is up next as well.
  • Major Move: Activate Elite 3-5 leader. He breaks an LI into 2 Garrisons, then sails to Seleucia in Asia Minor picking up 2HI. The force debarks in Myra, marches overland to Xanthus, where it reboards ships before sailing through Rhodes (paying 1T to do so) on its way to Crete. 1Gar and 1HI are dropped in Cnossos, while the other Gar and HI end the turn in Gorton.
  • Minor Move 1: Build town in Cnossos.
  • Minor Move 2: Build town in Cyrene.
Greece is up next, and with her turn comes a 7BI, with 2-5 leader, Barbarian Invasion from the German Tribes area. The Barbarians sweep south into the Danube, attackng the 4BI tribe in Virunum 3 times before finally eliminaing them with no losses of their own.

Greece, in her turn, recruits 2HI in Corinth.

Rome has the next AM.
  • Major Move: Rome's streak of bad luck on movement rolls continues, activating the 1-5 leader in Rome but getting only 6MP. He resumes the assault on Tarentum, finally breaching the city walls at a loss of 2BI, reducing a Legion.
  • Minor Move: Rebuild the Tarentum walls.
Greece is up again, her 3rd AM of the turn and this turn is accompanied by a Famine and Drought that affects Greece, reducing her stability to -2.
  • Minor Move: Upgrade Corinth to a City.
  • Major Move: Barbarian Army moves to attack the 4BI tribe in Coricum. The tribe repels their attack, losing 1BI against the Barbaains 2BI and the Barbarians move off to Mediolanum to lick their wounds.
Rebellion occurs in Carthage, and the fleet in Thapsos mutinies.

The East is up again, her 3rd and final AM of the turn (having lost one in the Baghdad Booty Call).
  • Major Move: LI in Memphis embarks ships and sails to Myra.
  • Minor Move 1: Build city in Cnossos.
  • Minor Move 2: Build city in Arsinol.

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