Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pax Romana 104: Scenario 5 - Turn 2 (AM 1-4)

Turn 2

Rome has the first AM, and it comes with Revenues and Stabilities which has no effect.
  • Major Move: Activate 2-3 leader in venusia and attack Tarentum. Rome loses 2LG and Greece loses 3I and 1 Wall point. But Greece maintains control of the city and Rome does not have enough movement points to renew the assault.
  • Minor Move 1: LG Rome to Venusia
Carthage is up next. A Traitor betrays The East, taking their remaining card to Carthage's hand.
  • Major Move: Activate 1-3 leader in Merida. Leaving a garriso behind, the remaining force moves to Emporiae.
  • Minor Move 1: Garrison in Barcino activates, but does not move.
  • Minor Move 2: Cav in Thevestis move to Carthago.
Greece is up next and her emissaries reveal a Conspiracy in Rome, involving Rome's 2-5 leader. That leader is removed and Rome's stability drops by 1.
  • Minor Move 1: Cav in Tarentum moves by sea to Dyrrhachium.
The East is up for the final AM. The reveal Galley Tech - Artillery Engines, which will raise the value of their Galley Squadrons to 3 from now on.
  • Major Move: The 1-4 in Phasis activates. Leaving a garrison behind, the remaining force boards ships and sails to Phanagoria, where they drop 1G/1HI, and then to Heraclea, where they also drop 1G/1HI. Having occupied The Chersonese, they return to Nicomedia.
  • Minor Move 1: Break LI in Cnossos to 2 Garrisons.
  • Minor Move 2: Build town in Arsinol.

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