Sunday, December 10, 2006

Update: New Blogger

Finally able to update this to the new version of Blogger. So from now on, instead of having to have a single monolithic post per game that I keep updating, I can do smaller bite-size updates and use tags to associate them with an individual game, and these tags can act as the Index of games for the site, a control you can now find on the right side bar.

I am hoping this will make it easier for me to update the site on a more frequent basis.

That said, as people I am currently playing games with will attest, my recent work schedule has been very hectic and I have been having trouble keeping up with the games, let alone the site.

I will slowly but surely migrate my current ongoing games to this format:

Pax Romana 104: Scenario 5 - Turn 2 (AM 5-8)

The East is up next as well.
  • Major Move: Activate Elite 3-5 leader. He breaks an LI into 2 Garrisons, then sails to Seleucia in Asia Minor picking up 2HI. The force debarks in Myra, marches overland to Xanthus, where it reboards ships before sailing through Rhodes (paying 1T to do so) on its way to Crete. 1Gar and 1HI are dropped in Cnossos, while the other Gar and HI end the turn in Gorton.
  • Minor Move 1: Build town in Cnossos.
  • Minor Move 2: Build town in Cyrene.
Greece is up next, and with her turn comes a 7BI, with 2-5 leader, Barbarian Invasion from the German Tribes area. The Barbarians sweep south into the Danube, attackng the 4BI tribe in Virunum 3 times before finally eliminaing them with no losses of their own.

Greece, in her turn, recruits 2HI in Corinth.

Rome has the next AM.
  • Major Move: Rome's streak of bad luck on movement rolls continues, activating the 1-5 leader in Rome but getting only 6MP. He resumes the assault on Tarentum, finally breaching the city walls at a loss of 2BI, reducing a Legion.
  • Minor Move: Rebuild the Tarentum walls.
Greece is up again, her 3rd AM of the turn and this turn is accompanied by a Famine and Drought that affects Greece, reducing her stability to -2.
  • Minor Move: Upgrade Corinth to a City.
  • Major Move: Barbarian Army moves to attack the 4BI tribe in Coricum. The tribe repels their attack, losing 1BI against the Barbaains 2BI and the Barbarians move off to Mediolanum to lick their wounds.
Rebellion occurs in Carthage, and the fleet in Thapsos mutinies.

The East is up again, her 3rd and final AM of the turn (having lost one in the Baghdad Booty Call).
  • Major Move: LI in Memphis embarks ships and sails to Myra.
  • Minor Move 1: Build city in Cnossos.
  • Minor Move 2: Build city in Arsinol.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pax Romana 104: Scenario 5 - Turn 2 (AM 1-4)

Turn 2

Rome has the first AM, and it comes with Revenues and Stabilities which has no effect.
  • Major Move: Activate 2-3 leader in venusia and attack Tarentum. Rome loses 2LG and Greece loses 3I and 1 Wall point. But Greece maintains control of the city and Rome does not have enough movement points to renew the assault.
  • Minor Move 1: LG Rome to Venusia
Carthage is up next. A Traitor betrays The East, taking their remaining card to Carthage's hand.
  • Major Move: Activate 1-3 leader in Merida. Leaving a garriso behind, the remaining force moves to Emporiae.
  • Minor Move 1: Garrison in Barcino activates, but does not move.
  • Minor Move 2: Cav in Thevestis move to Carthago.
Greece is up next and her emissaries reveal a Conspiracy in Rome, involving Rome's 2-5 leader. That leader is removed and Rome's stability drops by 1.
  • Minor Move 1: Cav in Tarentum moves by sea to Dyrrhachium.
The East is up for the final AM. The reveal Galley Tech - Artillery Engines, which will raise the value of their Galley Squadrons to 3 from now on.
  • Major Move: The 1-4 in Phasis activates. Leaving a garrison behind, the remaining force boards ships and sails to Phanagoria, where they drop 1G/1HI, and then to Heraclea, where they also drop 1G/1HI. Having occupied The Chersonese, they return to Nicomedia.
  • Minor Move 1: Break LI in Cnossos to 2 Garrisons.
  • Minor Move 2: Build town in Arsinol.

Pax Romana 102: Scenario 5 - Turn 4 (AM 1-4)

Turn 4

The East has the first move and continues her policy of attacking Greece without the slightest provocation.
  • Major Move: Activate 1-5 General in Ancyra before moving to Abydos where he picks up reinforcements and converting an LI into 2 Garrisons. The remaining force move to Celenae where it stops.
  • Minor Move 1: LI in Abydos crosses the strait and moves into Thrace, to Appolonia.
  • Minor Move 2: LI in Abydos crosses the strait and moves into Thrace, to Sestus.
Rome has a growing problem with a massive 11BI Slave army in Brundisium.
  • Major Move: Activate 1-4 leader and 4LG in Rome, which move to Barium and pick up 2LG, before attacking Brundisium. The Romans inflict 6BI losses on the slave army, while taking 6BI of losses themselves and retreating to Tarentum.
  • Minor Move 1: Build a town in Lugundum.
  • Minor Move 2: Activate 1LG in Lutetia and move it to Lugundum.
Carthage is up next and her turn is preceeded by a Barbarian Invasion of Western Gaul. The Barbarian's 1-5 leader and 7 BI appear in and Gergovia. The Roman forces there withdraw and the Barbarians attack the town at Tolosa instead, damaging the walls.

Meanwhile the Roman Slave revolt grows in strength and moves to Barium.

Carthage then takes her own move.
  • Major Move: 2-4 leader and 5HI from Carthage moves to Sicily and attacks Syracuse. The city sustains 8BI (4 from walls, 2 reduce HI) worth of damage, but is still holding on. Carthage assaults a second time and sweeps aside the remaining Syracusan forces. Carthage suffers no losses in either assault.
  • Minor Move 1: Convert LI in bergidum into two garrisons
  • Minor Move 2: Garrison in Bergidum to Illerda
Greece has the last AM in the first round and moves against The East.
  • Major Move: 3-5 Elite leader takes 8HI, 1GS and sails to Sestus, where it destroys the East Garrison. !GS and 1Hi are left in Sestus, while the remainder of the Greek forces move to Byzantium.
  • Minor Move 1: LI in Tomi eliminates the East Garrison in Apollonia and then moves to Troesmis.
  • Minor Move 2: Garrsion in Cnossos moves to Gortyn in Crete.