Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fields of Fire: Normandy Campaign - Mission 1 - Setup


The map is dominated by a 2 level Hill, surmounted by a hedgerow, at R2C3. But it is also characterized by a lack of cover which means that the plan is not 100% dictated by terrain.
  • Row 1 features a Village (R1C2) and a Woods (R1C4).
  • Row 2 has a pair of hedgerows (R2C3, R2C4).
  • Row 3 has a Hedgerow (R3C2) and a Woods (R3C4).
Other than that, terrain is either +1 or +0.

  • Primary Objective: Hedgerow (R3/C2)
  • Secondary Objective: Woods (R3/C4)
  • Attack Position: Hedgerow, 2 Hills (R2/C3)
I admit that I am a little nervous about my attack position, since its height means I could be putting enemy contacts 2 rows past the Limit of Advance.

I considered the Cemetery (R2C2) which would be good if I get a heavy building cover. But there is just 1 cover potential and I would have to set my Secondary Objective as either the Orchard or Open field...and neither is attractive.

The Plan:
  • 1st PLT will set up in the center and start by taking the Village (R1, C2). The Upper floor will make a good place for the HMG. From there they can branch out to take the AP or Cemetary, before heading for Objective 1.
  • 2nd PLT will take the right flank and either go straight for Objective 2, or help take the AP, if needed.
  • 3rd PLT is on the left, waiting to see what develops.

In terms of setup, I don't think there's much to be surprised about.

Weapons Team Assignments:
  • 1st PLT: 1/Wpn (MG), 1/Wpn (Baz), Rifle Grenade given to 3/1st
  • 2nd PLT: 2/Wpn (MG), 2/Wpn (Baz), Rifle Grenade given to 3/2nd
  • 3rd PLT: 3/Wpn (Baz), Rifle Grenade given to 3/3rd
  • Company: 1/60mm Mortar, 1/.50cal HMG
I took the 3-step mortar, because I want to be able to use indirect fire.

  • Red (RSC, RSP, RS) = Cease Fire
  • Green (GSC, GSP, GS) - Advance, infiltrate if possible, toward PO
  • Yellow - Shift fire, left if possible
  • Purple - Shift fire, right if possible
Command Assets:
I won't bother noting who has radios, since that is self-evident from the setup.
  • XO HQ: GSP; RSP; Phone Line
  • 1st SGT: Phone Line
  • 1st PLT HQ: Green, Red, Yellow Smoke; Smoke; WP; 3 Phone Lines
  • 2nd PLT HQ: Purple Smoke; Smoke; WP; 2 Phone Lines
  • 3rd PLT HQ: Phone Line
And with that, I should be ready to go...

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