Monday, March 31, 2008

Silent War - December '41 - Week 2

I have recently started playing Compass Games' Silent War. I have found the AAR's available interesting to read and instructive to differing degress (depending on the intent of the AAR).

While I don't have time to keep an extensive running commentary, such that it would help understanding of the rules (or help propagate my misunderstandings of the rules), I wanted to contribute my experience of what seems like a very interesting game.

December '41 - Week 2

Triple "R" Segment:
  • Manila: Seadragon & Sealion -> Broom
  • Pearl: Narwhal -> 2

Combat Phase
During the first turn, only TF contacts are allowed in general, so very little happens this turn. There are several TF contacts made, and a opportunities present themselves. However a combination of sub-standard TDC work insures that the Submariners do not score a single hit. About the only important thing that happens is a teeming of submarines into the shipping lanes, meaning that 35 submarines will be on patrol next turn.

End of Turn Summary (Turn / Total)
  • Subs on Patrol: 8
  • Ships: 0 / 0
  • Tons: 0 / 0
  • Lost Subs: 0 / 0
  • Damaged Subs: 0 / 0
  • Bad Torpedoes: 0 / 0

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