Monday, August 14, 2006

Pax Romana: Scenario 2 (Stan Buck #2) - Ongoing

After our last game, Stan and I decide to try again. Stan remains Rome and I have Carthage. Unless otherwise noted, a move is an expansion move.

Turn 1

Rome has the first AM, per scenario rules, and performs a manpower action, adding
  • LG in Rhegium
  • LG in Pisae
  • 2LG in Arretium
Carthage has the next AM.
  • Minor Move 1: The Galley in Gades moves to Aleria in Corsica to guard the approaches to that island.
  • Major Move: The 2-5 leader in Carthage gathers up the forces scattered around Africa, including the 2LI in Cirta and the Cav in Thevestis before returning to Carthage.
  • Minor Move 2: Build a town in Aleria.
The next AM belongs to Rome.
  • Major Move: The 1-4 leader in Rhegium attacks across the strait into Masena. It takes two assaults against the determined defenders, but in the end, Rome defeas the memertines and establishes a foothold on Sicily.
  • Minor Moves: Passed.
Carthage gets the next AM.
  • Major Move: The move into Sicily is too threatening, so Carthage activates their 2-5 leader in Carthago, along with 2HI, 2 Cav, and an LI. They saily to Lilybaeum, where another HI joins them. The Army then advances onto Masena to attack the Romans. The Romans, fearing the Carthaginian's cavalry superiority, retreat back to Rhegium.
  • Minor Move 1: Galley from Carthago to Masena. (I could have just moed this in my major move...I didn't think of it.)
  • Minor Move 2: The LI in Utica is activated, but not able to move.
Rome has the next AM, her third.
  • Minor Move 1: LG in Pisae to Albintimilitium.
  • Major Move: The 2-4 leader in Arretium is activated and moves to Coricum, where it finds an 8BI tribe! Two assaults whittle thr tribe down to 2BI, but they remaind in possession of the space.
  • Minor Move 2: Passed.
The draw cup is being very equitable, and Carthage has the next AM, her third.
  • Major Move: Activate the 1-4 leader in Lilybaeum. He takes 1Galley, and saisl to Masena, where he picks up an HI. The force then sails westward until it debarks in Malaca (Hispania).
  • Minor Move 1: The garrison at Malaca moves overland to Saguntum, then boards ships and sails towards Balaeres Insulae, but its move ends in Barcino.
  • Minor Move 2: A Garrison from Masena sails to Melita.
Rome's last AM comes out of the draw cup next.
  • Major Move: Activate the 2-4 leader again. he finishes off the tribe in Coricum easily, leaves 2LG behind, and moves to Albintimilitium to join the LG already there.
  • Minor Move 1: LG in Albintimilitium attacks and defeats the Greek garrsion at Massilia
  • Minor Move 2: Passed.
Carthage's AM, her last, is next. And Carthage performs a manpower operation, adding a Cav in Malaca.

The last two AMs are Events.
  • Hispanic Revolt eliminates the garrisons in Barcino (Carthage) and Emporiae (Greece).
  • Disease - next turn the first drawn AM will be accompanied by a roll for leader death.

End of turn status:
  • CVP: Carthage - 6 (1 City, 3 towns), Rome - 12 (3 cities, 3 towns)
  • GOP: Carthage: 9, Rome 4
  • VP: Carthage +2 (GOP) to 2, Rome +1 (CVP) to 1.
  • Stability: Carthage - 7 (+1 for VP, Melita), Rome - 6 (-1 for VP)
  • No problems with the number of HI or LG compared to Stability or CVP for either side.
  • Income: Rome has 12CVP, 4GOP, 1Terr, +1 Italia=18T+3T= 21T. Carthage has 6CVP, 8GOP, 1Terr=13T.

Turn 2

Start of turn actions:
  • Carthage maintains 4 Galleys
  • Carthage places 1-5 leader in Carthage and 1-2 leader in Masena
  • Rome places 1-4 and 2-4 leader in Rome
  • Carthage builds HI, Cav in Carthage, LI in Aleria
  • Rome builds 4LG and 4GS in Rome; maintains 1LG in Rhegium
Action Phase

Rome has the first AM.
  • Major Move: 2-4 leader in Rome moves into Gaul and attacks a 4BI tribe in Nemausus. Rome loses a Legion in the bloody fighting, but the tribe is eliminated. Garrisons are created and one is left in Nemausus while the bulk of the Roman army settles in Massilia.
  • Minor Move: Garrison in Parma moves to Pisae.
Carthage has the next AM.
  • Major Move: 1-5 leader in Carthage boards ships with HI, Cav, LI, and Galley. Pick up 1LI, Galley in Utica and sailr for Aleria, where he drops HI and 2 Galleys. Then sail with the remainder for Hispania, where they pick up more troops and attack the tribe in Corduba. 2BI are eliminated and Carthage's army is forced back to Malaca.
  • Minor Move 1: Galley in Caralis to Aleria
  • Minor Move 2: Break LI in gades to 2 Garrison.
Rome has the next AM, and her 2-4 leader undergoes a Disease check from last turn, but survives.
  • Minor Move 1: LG in Rhegium naval move to Narbo.
  • Major Move: 2-4 leader in Massilia leaves a Garrsion and attacks the 5BI tribe in Gergovia, defeating them after just one battle, with a single LG reduced. Garrisons are left behind in Gergovia while the army travels to Narbo.
  • Minor Move 2: Garrison at Genoa to Narbo.
Rome gets a second AM in a row.
  • Minor Move 1: LG in Rhegium to Rome.
  • Major Move: 1-4 leader in Rome, 3LG, 2GS set sail for Africa! With some difficulty they pass through the Deep Sea transit point, bypass Lilybaeum, but is forced to battle in Carthage. The amphibious assault is bloody, and Rome loses 6BP, while damaging the wall (-1). The army gets back on boats and finds better luck at Utica where it takes the town with no losses.
The next AM drawn is an event, Stability, which affects no one.

Then Rome's AM comes out again, but Rome canot go 3 times in a row so the next AM is drawn which is for Carthage.
  • Minor Move 1: Garrison in Gades to Malaca.
  • Major Move: 2-5 leader in Hispania gathers his army and abandons the war in Hispania. The army boards ships and returns to Africa, debarking in debark in Hippo Rhegius then moving overland around Utica (Cirta, Lambesis, Thevestis, Thugga) to reach Carthage.
  • Minor Move 2: Galley from Aleria takes up stations off Hippo Rhegius.
Rome's last AM is now executed...

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